martes, 28 de agosto de 2007

Reglamento Festival internacional de Cortos (ingles)

The Municipality of Olavarría and the committee organizing the Tenth “Lucas Demare” National Film Festival announce the first international Short Films Festival with the aim of promoting audiovisual productions.
This competition is open to Argentinian and foreign authors.
Each author can only submit one short per category, but each short should be presented separately.
Short Films
Short films should be written in Spanish, if not, they should be dubbed or subtitled in Spanish. They must be no longer than 30 minutes, including the film credits. Longer works will not be accepted, and only those created from 2005 onwards will be considered.
The short films submitted for consideration should belong to the fiction, documentary or animation genre.
Shorts must be submitted together with a signed copy of the technical specifications attached hereto.
Each short film submitted for consideration must be accompanied by the corresponding entry form; the deadline for submission of entries is October 5th, 2007. All entries must be submitted on VHS (PAL or NTSC) or on DVD (PAL or NTSC). They should be labelled with the title of the short film and the names of the director and the producer. Each author can only submit one cassette or DVD per category.
Shorts can be submitted:
By posting a closed box or envelope containing (1) copy on VHS or DVD format and the technical specifications attached hereto. It should be addressed to 1º FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE CORTOMETRAJES 10ª MUESTRA DE CINE NACIONAL “LUCAS DEMARE”, Casa de la Cultura de Olavarría, Coronel Suárez 2924, (7400) Olavarría, Provincia de Buenos Aires. Argentina.
By registered mail posted to the same address. Expenses will be met by the sender.
Personally, at Casa de la Cultura de Olavarría, Coronel Suárez 2924, from Monday to Friday from 7 am. to 1 pm.
Short films will be judged during the Tenth “Lucas Demare” National Film Festival, from November 3rd to November 10th, 2007. It will be open to the public. The exhibition and judging date will be communicated to the authors via e-mail.
Panel of Judges
The organizers will select famous names from the audiovisual industry to be appointed as jury.
There is no right of appeal against the jury’s decision.
The jury will award (1) one prize for the Best Short Film of the festival.
The winner will be awarded $ 4500.
The jury will also award statuettes for:
The prizes and statuettes will be awarded at the conclusion of the Tenth “Lucas Demare” National Film Festival, on November 10th, 2007.
Film Rights
Neither the awarded short films nor the rest will be returned. The submission of the short film means that the director and/or producer will not object to the short being included in the video library of the “Lucas Demare” National Film Festival.
The organizing committee of the “Lucas Demare” National Film Festival reserves the right to screen any fragment of the short films that reach the final for promotional purposes.
The awarded short film should state the prize and include the logo of the “Lucas Demare” National Film Festival in the film credits.
Various matters
Entry is free of charge
If these conditions of entry do not provide for a certain matter, it should be solved by the organizers themselves.
The entry form is attached to the following page.